Mr. Shugan! Recently you became a quite popular person with your alternative method of impact, what kind of method is it? “

I use the power of words and the power of psyche as well as store of energy. Combination of all these powers and energy within half an hour and more makes so called uttering incantations. I repeat and impose verbal templates, prayers, Arabic mantra with the necessary positive emotions. I concentrate on myself and inspire good thoughts. Each word of what I speak is positive and incites health, happiness, success and luck. That of course is not old wives’ mumbling incantations which are short-lived. So, depending on the severity and duration of the person’s condition, I repeat the procedure two, three, sometimes I get to eight, nine times, rarely more. That is psycho-neural method of impact.

“And what exactly happened during that time?”

“While the person stays before me in my room, I exert energy and information influence on him. Thus I help him or her to get rid of negative, obtrusive thoughts, feelings and emotions that ruin his or her relations with others and his or her health condition.”


Anomalies on a mental i.e. stress, emotional and nervous basis even when they have physical expression are always normalized.

How can one psychological method impact on a physical indisposition and illness?”

There is a relation between the psych and body. Tears are token of excessive sadness or joy in ones’ soul. Blushing is reflection of shyness or blame. Sleeplessness is a result of worry and rage is a consequence of anger. Much of the information in a DNA cell is copy of information that is coded in sub-consciousness. All vital functions of the human body starting from respiration, digestion, blood circulation and finished with the immunity are dependent and controlled by positive or negative condition of the sub consciousness. Failures and incidents are psychological programs of sub consciousness. Cancer as a disease is also a psychological program for self-destruction of the cell. The body as a whole is a mirror of the soul. The saying “ Healthy mind, healthy body” is experienced by every living human being. That explains why specialized uttering incantation influences us. They say that the plague of the present time is stress. Stress emerge all serious diseases to which standard medicine is hampered. That means you can heal the initial reason of very serious diseases. It is, especially when it is in time, while the illness is in progressed stage it will be very difficult.

Cancer, tumor, myoma, Graves’ disease, cysts, warts and other similar diseases are bred of worry and negative emotions. Calmness and positive emotions just vanish them and the results from uttering incantations confirm that. I have had many cases of such diseases. After passing the relevant reactions, people remain very satisfied. I have had a case of early stage of insult that influenced very well. Many of complains are unbearable pains in the leg, lower back, stomach, head even numbness. Doctors explain that condition as a result of nerves disorder but medicines does not improve the health of people. There are complains of a urely psychological expressions as schizophrenia, panic disorder, (anxiety neurosis), nervous depression and other psychological disorders in which doctors wander for their origin and in the most of cases they cannot bind them with any specific experience and or psychic trauma. After several sйances of uttering incantations they felt normalization of their condition and did not feel need of drug treatment. There are few cases as infertility, impotence, frigidity of a purely psychological basis and they are well influenced by the method.

Intense hatred, hate between relatives, fear and hatred in a special object without any objective reasons, frequent failures and accidents – we see ourselves and the world around us according to the current program by which the sub consciousness works” .

In your opinion what are the factors for stress ?“

Stress and suspense are convinced to us by some films, treats of terrorism and bio-terorism, treats of economical deadlock and genocide, shocking news of “black media” . That killer – the stress, follows us by indirect means that are very perfidious. That are psychological – neurological methods of “witchcraft”. Today they are widespread and used for taking the law into one’s own hands and material profits. In most of cases, fortune-telling is a cover to similar motives of mob law.”

This external interference – the magic, isn’t it in fact unreasonable auto-suggestion?”

Most of complains by the people have had no objective and well-grounded reason to fall in stress condition and thus to have the disease. Their life is not as difficult as they see in their sub consciousness. It is often talked about “symptoms without diagnosis”.

THERE ARE MANY DANGEROUS INTRUSIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL CONDITIONS THAT ARE THE BASIS OF VARIOUS DISEASES . We often specify them as auto-suggestion . It should be noted that auto-suggestion is an incredible art in which there is control . If a person is able to suggest himself a terrible ideas then he or she will make the opposite opinion and to replace with ease. If he or she cannot be capable to realize that, we can conclude that there is foreign interference i.e. psychological attack that will unlock similar conditions. Moreover, there are existing hidden, psychological attack methods for total failures creation, blackmail love and parting, concrete illness and death.”

How to prevent ourselves as to be healthy and happy?

Prevention of stress is difficult but not impossible task. These two factors of stress return us in the past when a devastating epidemic passed through Europe between 1347 and 1351 and took away the life of about 25 million people. According to people at that time, the perpetrator of pandemic and the high mortality was the Bubonic plague carried by rats. And in fact it was mass fear psychosis and chronic stress. Many methods are suggested for the infliction of today. The most famous are: medicated precautions, herbal tea, health supplements, intensive exercises as breathing in and breathing out, meditation, methods of auto-suggestion, spiritual self-improvement . I think when it comes to psych, psychological methods should be used. If we do not take care for ourselves – for our psych and consciousness, and if we do not apply the suitable psychological methods for self-perfection and psych protection then pharmaceutical companies and health institutions shall not succeed to solve the problem with the huge number of patients. At present, we remain inactive to appearing pandemic and real plague – the stress, Each of us is responsible for what we “feed” our consciousness with and how we care about it. And remember: before the body, the consciousness falls ill.

SOURCE: Newspaper: “Fortune-Teller”, edition 45 as from 18-24 November 2011, page 16