Ali Shugan was born on 3rd December, 1977 in Yakoruda near Bansko, Bulgaria. He was graduated in major field of study Arab studies in the Middle East (Medina, Cairo, and Dubai). At present Shugan lives in the village of Koprinka, Kazanlak Municipality. He is an author of many publications and books. Here is some of them: “Importance of Faith in 22nd Century” (issued in 2007), “Telepathic Attack of the Magic and its Healing” issued under a pseudonym Avicenna Guzinski (issued in January 2008) and “Black Death of 21st Century”, issued in January 2011). In recent years he has been famous in the country and abroad with his success in Alternative East Medicine.

Mr. Shugan, you use the method of psychological impact and you have achieved a lot of success through it. Would you please tell us the essence and danger of stress?

The Stress is an infliction on humanity at the present time. It is a condition of a mental anxiety caused by feelings as fears, insecurity, over excitation, anxiety and other suspense which disturb the body balance. All these feelings deprive us of our personal fascination, the opportunity to reason correctly, dispel concentrated efforts, paralyze our ability to think, kill ambitions and self-confidence, destroy willpower and stop initiative, provoke inability to take own decisions as well as provoke us to seek an apology for our mistakes, overshadow our memory and bring setback in all possible states.

Stress is not only at the basis of all our failures and misadventures but it is the key to almost all diseases. The spiritual disorder, confusion, depression, continuous fear, suspense, numbness, all these states in the psyche of subconsciousness level lead to the body biochemical processes declining as well as decrease immunity, destabilize nervous system, raised blood pressure and blood sugar, cholesterol and free radicals have risen. The stress causes hormonal disorder, changes blood quality and proteins in urine. It can also lead to overweight and obesity as well as anorexia and weight-loss; stress leads to deficiency of air, paleness or redness, diluted pupils, raised heart frequency and nutrients deficiency. In state of stress all organs in the body as muscles, stomach, intestines and blood vessels are constricted and the body numbed. Scientists found that in a state of constant fears and suspense the brain reduces within 1 cm. Continuous stress can imitate many diseases or provoke them and impede diagnostic process. The state of continuous stress generates a long list of illness as insomnia, migraine, vertigo, depression, anxiety neurosis, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, cardiac and renal insufficiency, arrhythmia and stenocardia, arteriosclerosis, anemia, hypertension, asthma, stroke, heart attack, lumps on the body, warts, mastopathy, myoma, tumors, cancer, Graves’disease (goiter), gastritis, stomach and duodenal ulcer, trophic ulcer, diabetes, arthritis, thrombophlebitis, tuberculosis, slipped disc, psoriasis, pancreas, paralysis, allergies, hay fever, herpes, hair-loss, osteoporosis and many other diseases. Some or research workers deliberately distress and mislead that some food is the basis for most of illness and autoimmune diseases. Healthful nutrition is of great importance for health but there is no greater enemy of stress. It is a fact that just the stress is the primary cause of the most widespread diseases as “black death” and certain food aggravates them. In spite of immunity system is overloaded and destabilized by the quantitative accumulation of chemical substances in a human organism; the stress remains an enemy – number one of the human. According to the modern scientists 80% of diseases have psychological source despite their physiology and they are called psychosomatic. Remaining 20% are pure physiological diseases as bites, bruises, fractures, poisoning, burnings and brain trauma and physical injuries.

According to your opinion, what psychological methods are current to eliminate stress?

I would like to remark that Avicenna who was considered as the Father of Modern Medicine was not only a medical man but also a philosopher. He repeatedly noted that problems that are purely on a psychological or psychosomatic base are solved by psychological methods. And problems that are on a physical basis are solved by physiological methods. Healing is not a struggle with symptoms but the primary cause. If for someone some disease or problems are chronic ones and insoluble then it means that we have not found the original cause. Figuratively speaking, we do not cut the branches of the tree but the roots and the tree. The branches themselves wither. The Auline and liquid Analgin are an aesthetics which alleviate the pain but they do not heal the toothache. They are taken temporarily till the dentist removes the primary cause. In some cases the fight with symptoms helped us to solve a problem but often created another one. Many generations treated themselves not only by psychological methods but by herbal infusion and healing food products. At precise hit and dosage they had given incredible results. The modern medicine today fail to meet homeopathy and relies entirely on medical treatment as recognizing that methods which it uses cannot treat the stress – it becomes incurable but diseases on that base are growing more and more. The world is built on two bases – information as a cause and vibration as an effect. For example, information in a DNA cell follows the information contained in the sub consciousness and under its instructions influences the human organism. Since ancient times existed psychological methods of influence which fill positively and negatively the human psyche, respectively its body. Up to this day people extend well-meaning wishes or ill-wills resulting from their (positive or negative) emotions. Then they create the relevant vibrations and psychological expression. In this way telepathic suggestion and psyche attack are raised. Here is the most famous and practiced methods in the world:

Prayer: – Psychological means for fight with deadly powers of fear and despair and used for positive emotional power or self-power. It should be mentioned that words without persistence and emotion are not efficient. From time immemorial, people were prayed every day for their happiness and healing.

Uttering Incantations: A continuous monotonous uttering incantation is a process of specified healing words, prayers or mantra within half an hour or more. That method exterminates stress, suspense, depression and other forms of negativism on a subconscious level. Uttering incantations strengthen nervous, immunity and all other systems of the human organism. There are no side effects. It can be applied by a human personally for himself or for a group of people. If it is applied to other people, the sorcerer practicing that method should be active in spirit. Otherwise he/she takes the risk to take on himself/herself the another’s negative energy. The method of uttering incantations including good wishes began in the Middle East since ancient times and it was used by the occult world as a resistance of magic psyche attacks. Later incantation developed from spells into prayers and poetic texts (mantra). In India it was accepted in the form of singing (monotonous singing) by the Vedic Hinduism and in Islam as a quiet reading with a purpose of healing. In ancient times Arab scientists, interceding for positivity of faith and the power of obsessive words, considered in that way they provided psychic and physical relaxation where the single prayer would not succeed, without prejudice to the religion. That method was used by the first built hospital in the world “Dar Ash-Shifa” in Damask. At present uttering prayers and mantra is used less in spite of its powerful effect on the diseases of the present.

Hypnosis: It is a state of а trance which is achieved by repetition of monotonous actions. By introducing in a state of sleep a new program is laid in human consciousness. By reason of secondary effects the risk of it is big and it should be applied by good specialists only. Sometimes hypnosis is used for healing. For example in case of stress and pain overcome as well as in people suffered psychic trauma.

Meditation: It is a contemplation and speculation, a kind of self-control over mind and autosuggestion. Meditation requires the attention to be attracted inside; it’s taking back of the outer world. According to the modern West philosophy it is well known as a spiritual practice оf contemplation and becomes ever more popular but in the East it includes any type both mental and physical exercise. Meditation is an essential component of East Religions, philosophy and spiritual science. It was practiced for more than 5 000 years.

Silva method: That is also a method of аn autosuggestion using concentration and visualization through which you can ease your conscience and achieve your goals. It is a more modern method than meditation.

Method of Emotional Freedom (MEF): It is a new tendency in power psychology which relays on release of interruptions in human body power system not by needles but patting. The method is an evolution in Chinese acupuncture and combines autosuggestive approvals for health.

Would you please share your experience about your success with us?

I can share that I use the specialized uttering incantations but not wise women mumbling, and I use it as a healing means against stress and depression. During séance the stressed and injured people feel internal resistance and intensifying of symptoms before recovering. Schizophrenics are delirious before their constant relieve. Depressed people are lessened and they start crying before comprehending their life and relief themselves. Hypertensive patients feel dizziness before permanently to forget about vertigo. Cancer patients feel pain aggravation in metastases before finding peace. I repeat uttering incantation two, three, sometimes eight or nine times and in rare cases more. I avoid doing that with people whose duration of symptoms is very long because results with them come too late and we all are very inpatient. Additionally to uttering incantations I use water that I psychic fill with energy and give to the patients to drink within several days. I will share a case with you for a person, known to me, who was admitted into the hospital with hepatitis – B in advanced disease. Doctors told his relatives that all examinations led to unavoidable death. They worried very much and were stressed so they came to me asking for help. At that time, I uttered incantations every other day on some quantity of water and gave it to them with the recommendation to be given to the patient and to be drunken up. After third quantity of water he drank, the chemical processes in his body improved and no longer after he was discharged from hospital alive and in a good mood. Another case I had was a woman paralyzed by a spinal nerve. Doctors wanted a lot of money without guarantees that the operation would be successful and a risks to live in a wheelchair was quite possible. After six procedures of uttering incantations by me her neck, arms and spine were relaxed and she became to move without feeling pain. It is very interesting to say that people who complain about systemic problems, after several procedures feel better and have progress in life later. I would say that method is universal but for more complicated cases are necessary a great deal of efforts that to the ordinary ones. So I realized that method can solve a long list of problems and diseases on a psycho-neurological base but it has restricted limits of action as everything else. Thanks to it I went to European Parliament last year and I helped to some euro-officers. Four years ago I helped a translator in EU who had depression. I am very proud that I helped a lot of famous people in our country but I will keep their privacy. As always I would like to remind the wisdom that is topical even today: “Healthy mind, healthy body!”

Interview was conducted by Kristina Balcheva, Writer

Newsletter ”Iskra”, No. 18, page 11, Friday, May 11, 2012, Bulgaria