WITCHCRAFTS AND MUMBLING INCANTATIONS – Are there any explanations about human anomalies?

ALI SHUGAN before newspaper “Stara Zagora News”, Monday, February 18, 2013


Mr. Shugan,

“People speak a lot about your abilities, could you please tell us in brief what your method is about?”

“That is a combination of special texts in Arabian and strong power of psychological purposefully concentration, imagination and emotions. Not only the power of speech plays an important role here but also the ambition and spirit. Their application produce powerful energy force that inspires and codes subconscious programs of calmness, self-confidence, adequacy and positive tendency. It is called specialized incantations mumbling because it is different from granny ‘ s mumbling with its powerful positive impact and its durability which is excessive for some people /20- 60 minutes/. Its strength alters not only behavior and pulling circumstances in life, but is also expressed on a physical level as improving exacerbated biochemical processes of the body with their known or obscure diagnoses.

“ Are incantations mumbling an old and impractical method?”

With its centuries–old existence, incantations mumbling have proven their relevance and necessity for all time. Even today the power of speech and thought in the form of prayers or wishing good is widely applicable. The method origin is from the Middle East and since ancient times it has been used by the occult world as the psychological resistance to witchcraft. Later it evolved from spells into prayers and poetic texts – mantras. In 809 this method along with herbal therapy have been practiced in the first hospital built in the world “Dar Ash-Shifa ‘, which was in Damascus at the ruler Harun ar-Rashid. Currently, the method is practiced less, despite its powerful effect on the diseases of modern times.

“How do you manage to influence so much on the physical level?”

– We all know that 80% of diseases are purely psychological or psychosomatic, i.e. behind the physical symptoms lies a deep frustration in our mental and emotional state. We remove the primary cause, i. e. psycho-emotional frustration, and physical symptoms disappear. In other words, we eradicate weeds, but do not fight with stems and leaves. The relationship between mind and body is well known in the past. “A healthy mind in a healthy body” is one of the wise sayings of the ancient Roman poet Juvenal. Today modern science gives details on how the majority of DNA information that guides biochemical processes in the body, acts at the direction of subliminal information and its forms of psycho-emotional state.

“Have your incantations mumbling any side effects and are they compatible with medical drugs?”

– No side effects. Before completely condition normalization there is occurrence of psychological and physical stress and their symptoms. That’s because comes to extermination but not suppression. As to achieve the final result the affected person may continue by using herbal infusions or medical drugs that suppress symptoms.

“Tell us about a few cases where you assist?”

“We live our lives according to the programs that our subconscious has been set. Programs change the control on perceptions and ways of information processing. What we’re fed or some fed our subconscious becomes input for our actions and actions. There it was recorded what was happened. As to clear from pollutants, the subconscious turn back the tape of thoughts and emotions in time, while regaining its original natural state.

With the method I help in cases of unfounded intolerance, irritation and separation. In many cases, families are realizing that there are objective reasons for the growing intolerance, quarrels and discords, but unconsciously they fall into out of control condition and helplessness to internal stimulus of mutual stress and separation. Some have intolerance or indifference to the specified object. They talk about the intense psychological discomfort appearance in the person but outside everything was normal. After they sprinkle him/her with charged water the people with gratitude tell about normalizing their state.

Others, having hopeless toured many hospitals and doctors come to me with complaints about sexual passivity – impotence or frigidity. In some people it starts early in getting engaged in intimate relationship and marriage, while others – at any time, even after they had children. Some say that this passivity and repulsion occurs only to a particular person, while others speak of total passivity and denial to all of the opposite sex. After several treatments, the tensions, fears, anxiety and repulsion are terminated.

Hundreds of people come with complaints of frequent failures and accidents. They talk about the systemic problems that follow them everywhere. They believe that for the tension, stress and misery bad circumstances and events they experience are responsible. After my procedure, they calm down and speak with confidence, no longer afraid of the circumstances. Before long, say they got rid of the curse of life and attract more success. All this suggests to me that the negative subconscious attitude is responsible for many ills in our lives. Consciously we want success and prosperity, but subconsciously, with internal fears and negativity, we are defeating them and the subconscious is always stronger than the tired with criteria mind!

“Stress is responsible for many diseases, some of which are incurable. Does it mean that your method has a beneficial impact on them?

“It should be noted that “the body is the instrument of our psyche” and as to improve the biochemical processes of our body we should improve our psychological condition. But our psychological health improvement by medicines is very difficult to achieve, because they focus on chemistry and opiate. It is like treating a toothache with the medicine Auline or other drugs, and such kind of approach transfer the disease into a chronic and incurable disease. I apply a method of psychological impact. With it I help in sleepless and nervous excitability. There are people who come to me and say they feel constantly stressed and suffer from insomnia. Some even talk about the nightmares, as a consequence of which implemented subliminal programs were introduced , unlocking various diseases. For the others life is very senseless and unstable so they fall into clinical depression. Another people have panic disorders. In the fifth group of people schizophrenia is unlocked. With some of my stubborn procedures their symptoms completely disappear. In the first procedure the symptoms of intrusive thoughts of emptiness, confusion, distress, fear and death are amplified and then prevented. Such events are an integral part of every subconscious clearing of grave forms of negativity.

In state of stress everything in the body – muscles, stomach, intestines, blood vessels shrink, numb and atrophy. This leads to anomalies with various injuries and diagnoses on which lasting incantations mumbling favorably affect.

“Were autoimmune diseases influenced upon by your method?”

– Yes, they were. Subconscious control immunity with deteriorating the psychological state, autoimmune diseases are unlocked. One of them is hyperthyroidism (goiter) – autoimmune thyroid gland disease. It occurs due to its abnormal work efforts. With my procedures its symptoms characteristic as nervous tension, increased heart rate, enlarged gland and protruding eyes, permanently disappear.

Poor psychological condition or weak spirit in accordance with the subliminal program leads to poor blood. This unlocks anemia. Again according to subliminal program it is inflicted another injury of the blood, namely leukemia. For that purpose the fight with primary cause is vital for effectiveness in eradicating that and other diseases.

“Don’t you think that when the health condition requires a surgical operation it could be removed by psychological methods ?”

In cases of physical trauma it is true, but in psychosomatic illnesses there are many alternatives offered by unconventional medicine. The most lucrative for some people is surgical intervention – “Tear and throw ‘, but without using another existing alternatives, I think it’s foolish final version.” While a man has a healthy spirit, built by faith, confidence, peace and perseverance, there will be strong immunity, and yet no virus and bacteria can strike his body. Various negative psychological programs decrease immunity and unlock hundreds of fungal and viral diseases. So in this way a lot of diseases are unlocked as many skin diseases, cysts, hemorrhoids, fibroids and mastopathy and all kinds of cancers. Metastatic tumors can not be unlocked without the psychological predisposition. By strengthening the spirit, immunity can control free radicals – attacking and destroying vital cell structures. So it could create them, and internally decompose and assimilate them. The powerful antioxidant effects of the cocktail of drinking water and a quality ratio of apple vinegar and pure honey, on a bio-chemical level also copes very well with these lesions. I do not think any infected and sick flesh must be detached from the body, or that suicide toxicity of chemotherapy and radiation will build a healthy body. This is my personal opinion and it is shared by many people, but everyone can make his/her each choice in his/her life. In systematic procedures for an hour incantations mumbling on the areas of lesions of cancer react with exacerbation of pain, then not only the appearance, but medical studies show literally melt and lack of past injuries.

“As far as we know, the majority of health problems are exacerbated by certain foods … “

“In my practice I meet people with ulcers and colitis. This is a group of diseases affecting the lining of the gastrointestinal tract, particularly the small intestine and colon. They are unlocked mostly by subconscious settings directing the increased tension or emotional stress to specific parts of the body. Constant high blood pressure, called hypertension, is also of psychosomatic origin. That is why certain food do not unlock these diseases, but they are exacerbated by the food in already existing psycho-emotional disposition. In my procedures of incantations mumbling it was observed exacerbation of symptoms, and then the persistent lack of relevant complaints. When removing them, as longer duration they have , the more efforts I make and that gives me trouble, so I try to avoid such complaints proved to be for a long time.”

“What advice would you give our readers?”

“ Recently, the list of mental disorders and psycho-somatic basis is growing more and more. People do not realize that it is a kind of pandemic or plague. In many of the complaints doctors have difficulties even in their diagnosis and treatment. Their methods do not include spiritual practices for mental relaxation and reduce stress.

And incurable is curable with activation of our inner spiritual forces. This is my life’ work, and I – through specialized mumbling incantations shall try to activate them. We can help ourselves a lot with the power of positive emotions and autosuggestion. Dedicated emotional prayer for centuries played this role.

This is a psychological law, which unfortunately we did not take advantage . Stress does not strike indiscriminately human organs and their functions because it is accompanied by subconscious programs that guide it – which organ to be out of norms and to what extent to be damaged. There are positive and negative psychological ways of attacking inspiration, possession, telepathic programming, bewitching and psychological attacks . Whoever kills our spirits with negative subliminal messages, kills our body, so let’s take care not only for our bodies but also for our spiritual energy state. Let’s fight for survival without violating someone’s right of choice!